Welcome to the AffiliateWP development blog!

We’re very excited to kick off a new chapter on Team AffiliateWP with the launch of this development blog. Our dev team is extremely excited to have an outlet for showing off all the ways you can integrate with and extend AffiliateWP in your own plugins and themes!

We’ll be keeping the structure pretty flat to start with, publishing guides and tutorials, interesting snippets, news about upcoming releases, all in one place. We also hope to use this space to promote some of the awesome add-ons and extensions other developers are making.

If you are the author of an extension, you should definitely subscribe to this blog as this will be the best place to find out what’s happening with future development in AffiliateWP core and any of our official add-ons.

Our hope is to use this blog as a vehicle to better interface with our extension community and bring everyone together in one place. Stay tuned for more coming soon!

p.s. We just shipped 2.6-beta1 yesterday, which includes fancy new dynamic coupons functionality for affiliate programs integrating with WooCommerce. There’s a post on the main blog about what exactly dynamic coupons are and how they will make affiliate coupon management super easy going forward.

Make sure to subscribe to updates on this blog as we’ll be publishing a technical deep-dive into how dynamic coupons work under the hood very soon.

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